• Studio
  • Live
Victoria Theatre, Glitter & Dynamite
Andy, Chris and Nige – regular farm hands
Esplanade Recital Studio, Little Bit of God
Deep thoughts! Mixing I’m Still Ridin
The Vulcan String Quartet, Little Bit Of God
Burning through the Glitter & Dynamite chorus (take 4!)
Nige Hopkins, opening riff on Glitter & Dynamite
The Finch, Glitter & Dynamite
Miloco Studios, London
The debut album ... About Time
Victoria Theatre, What It’s All About
Asia TV Awards 2017, Glitter & Dynamite
Nige Hopkins, Keys on Little Bit Of God
Simon on I’m Still Riding; sublime
Mikey Rowe in the house, I’m Still Riding
Remembering Freddy Mercury, doing vocal warmups!
Chris Childs, Bass boss on Glitter & Dynamite
Jake Gordon, audio engineer; Play In Your Mind
With Clint Murphy, mixing at Modern World Studios
Strategy session on Wild Then You Flow
Esplanade Theatre, I’m Still Riding
Esplanade, The Acoustic Set, Little Bit of God
What It’s All About ... the song and the gig
Gardens By The Bay, Long When We’re Gone
Andy Taylor, Guitar funk on Long When We’re Gone
Andy Taylor, wailing on Wars Will Change Us
Mikey (eyes wide shut), Simon, Calum and Clive
Clive Deamer, amazer, Bit At A Time
Calum on What It’s All About
Greg Haver, Producer, Drummer AND cameraman
The buzz ....
Victoria Concert Hall, doing some Bollywood
At rehearsal
The wannabe drummer during the mix of What It’s All About
Simon Edwards & Calum MacColl, Producer brothers in arms
Doing lead vocals at Calum’s; High Time
With Greg Haver, Producer & Drum supremo, Rockfield Studios, Wales
Singapore Fashion Runway, Glitter & Dynamite